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Richmond Story Pole Installation and Removal

Serving Richmond and Surrounding Communities

  • Story Pole Installation - Vacant Property Installation Additions, Commercial Projects
  • View Corridors, Scenic Corridor Review, Richmond Planning Submittal Requirement
  • Homeowner's Association - Richmond Architectural Review Board
  • Design Revisions - Adjustments to Story Poles
  • Story Pole Certification (If Required)

Story poles can be required for both residential and commercial projects within community design review jurisdictions such as in Richmond, California and surrounding areas. California Story Poles can and will accurately, quickly, and professionally install your story pole project. As story poles are typically the first impression your future neighbors will have on your project, make it a good one. We provide Fast, Professional, and ACCURATE Story Pole Installation and Removal Service.

We specialize in story pole installation and removal. From small home additions, second story additions, to multi structure developments, call us to schedule your story pole installation today. CONTACT US>>

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