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Monterey Story Pole Installation and Removal

Serving Monterey and Surrounding Communities

  • Story Pole Plan Preparation for City Planning Approval
  • Story Pole Installation and Removal
  • Vacant Land Installations - Remodels - Second Story Additions - Commercial
  • View Corridors, Scenic Corridor, Community Review, Monterey County Planning
  • Homeowner's Association - Monterey Board of Architectural Review Board (ARB)
  • Design Revisions - Adjustments to Story Poles

The requirement to erect story poles to depict the general massing, size, and scale of a project during the design review process has become increasingly popular for proposed development in areas with view preservation concerns. Once final elevations for proposed ridgelines are established, a framework of steel or wood poles is erected and connected with a band of construction mesh. Once completed, the story poles and netting create an accurate silhouette of the proposed structures and give a good indication of the size, scale, and massing of the project to follow.

We specialize in story pole installation and removal. From small home additions, second story additions, to multi structure developments, call us to schedule your story pole installation today. CONTACT US>>

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