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Los Altos Hills Story Poles
Los Altos Story Poles

Los Altos Story Poles

Story Pole Installation and Removal | Depicting Proposed Construction
Serving Los Altos Hills and Surrounding Communities

California Story Poles
Los Altos Story Pole Policy

(6 5 0) 6 1 8 - 9 8 8 6

i n f o @ c a l i f o r n i a s t o r y p o l e s . c o m

If you have completed home plans please send them to the
above email address.

Please Include The Following Information (If Available)

  • Full Contact Information
  • Address of Project
  • Site Plan
  • Topography Plan
  • Story Pole Plan (If Available)
  • Roof Plan
  • Complete Elevations
Phone Number
Email Address
Project Location
Scope of Work

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